We not only present a unique product as is Manchego cheese, but we also offer a broader product range with which we hope to cover our consumers’ needs.

We treat our customers as part of our company, maintaining close relations with them by applying a feedback policy.

We control the production process for beginning to end and we make our dairy farmers an integral part of our project; they take part in it and evolve with us, hence we achieve the best product and the highest quality assurance.

Anyone who has tasted our cheese agrees that it is a perfect reflection of the La Mancha spirit. This is due to the care we take at each stage of the production process, taking the craftsmanship of cheese-making into account.

Our company works in a serious and responsible way, and our export record is our guarantee; our cheese is consumed around the world in countries like Australia, South Africa, the Unites States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland or France. We are our proud of the polite and respectful commercial dealings we have with all our customers and collaborators.

ESPERANZA DEL CASTILLO CHEESES are made using the local expertise in the same way since 1952, we continue using traditional tools in the production process such as covering cloth or extra virgin olive oil bathing so we can get high quality in each piece of cheese.

We fulfill all health requirements in relation to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union.


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