We have been making cheese under the Manchego designation of origin since 1952.

Our product is marketed in numerous countries around the world.

Technology helps us to maintain the highest quality standards in order to take up the challenge of globalised demand in today’s global market.

It is a product that is unique in the world. info

Esperanza del Castillo FACEBOOK
Asistencia a España Original 2011
Asistencia al Salón del Gourmet 2011 en Madrid
World Cheese Awards 2011
Gold Medal for the cured Blended cheese and Bronze Medal for the Cured Manchego cheese.
Attendance at Alimentaria Lisboa 2011
Gran Selección Prize 2011 for Diferenciated Quality Cheese
Gran Selección Awards 2011
Gold Medal for cured Manchego cheese.
Attendance at Alimentaria Barcelona 2010
Prize for the Quality 2010
Awarded by the Manchego cheese Guild.
World Cheese Awards 2010
Silver Medal for the aged Manchego cheese and for our Iberian cheese.
Attendance at Anuga Show 2009
Spanish Pavillion.
Gran Selección Awards 2009
Gold Medal for Cured Manchego cheese.
Cincho awards 2008
Silver Medal in Hard and Semi-hard rind cheese.
Summer Fancy Food Show
28-30 2009
Our booth is in the Spanish Pavillion, number 1600. You are welcome.
Asistencia a la feria Summer Fancy Food.
29 Junio / 01 Julio
Nuestro stand se encuentra en el pabellón español, número 1119. Usted es bienvenido a degustar nuestro producto.
Asistencia a España Original.
12/15 Mayo
Asistencia a Alimentaria Barcelona 2008
10/15 Marzo
Esperanza del Castillo expuso sus gama de productos en la pasada feria Alimentaria Barcelona 2008

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